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Tretter's Family


Since 1928 our Tretter family has dedicated four generations of hard work and unwavering commitment to transforming a humble restaurant into a widely recognized and respected brand. We have achieved this through a deep-seated passion for what we do, a strong sense of honor, tireless perseverance, and a standard of excellence that runs deep in our family's values.

Michael Tretter


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Luxury Delicacies


The obsessive attention to detail and uncompromising quality led to the establishment of TRETTER'S DELICATESSEN COMPANY.

The TRETTER'S GIFT BOXES encompass an array of exquisite product groups, each meticulously curated to create a truly remarkable experience. These distinguished components include:

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contain ingredients of the cocktail "DREAMING CARAFE", which was created and produced by the bartenders of our bar TRETTER'S in 2009

TRETTER'S COFFEE - We meticulously roast our beans in Italy, employing the time-honored Italian tradition. Our expertly crafted blend, carefully curated from the finest Arabica beans, guarantees an unparalleled flavor. We offer this coffee to guests in our TRETTER'S locations.

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TRETTER'S NUT'S - our own production of roasted and smoked almonds goes through a careful and long-tested roasting method. As it was important to us in their creation to preserve their natural flavour, the roasting is done in our own manufactory. Our delicious Cashew Nut's with Lime & Chilli flavours are perfectly suitable for Drinks  & Cocktails


TRETTER'S CHIPS - Batatas chips are a continuation of our line of vegetable chips, which we have been making for 12 years and come from our own production "Hand Made" and "Ketle's Style". This has allowed us to retain the natural sweetness of Sweet Potatoes, which we have flavoured with a special Ocean Salt and then a spicy Smoked Chilli flavour.


Tretter's Crémant


The wine comes from the vineyards of our friend Patrick Piusz in France, where they are bottled for our brand and labeled as "Tretter's Crément".
This delicious Crémant is the perfect accompaniment to an aperitif. Alcoholic and malolactic fermentation blending according to cuvée, and preparation for presses starting after December 1st. The aging process is patient, lasting an average of 12 months in bottles placed on slats, in the constant natural freshness of the cool and dim light of the underground limestone quarry.


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